Sky not detecting rain

My station 2403 has been performing well. Its the end of our good weather, so we haven’t had rain for a while
I have had issues in the past with the Sky falsely detecting rain due to bird activity.
I now have the reverse issue, it been raining solidly for 30 minutes but the Sky hasn’t detected any rain.

just to confirm

this is you station ?

If so indeed I see nothing out of the ordinary, batteries are ok, it is reacting to wind.

Was it heavy, light rain or drizzle ?

From here on I think @anon84912554 will have to look under the cover and see raw data …

It was heavy rain lasting for 30 minutes. Wet the ground and had enough run-off to put water in my storage tank
All other sensors are performing without issues. Previously it was very sensitive detecting light drizzle.Ive not had any rain since I had the hub updated to V105, with V103 it was working well

I had a look at the raw UDP data from the station during the rain event, it was consistently showing 0.000000,

If you can, try and manually tap the top of the Sky and see if it registers any rain. This will help confirm if the sensor is completely broken, or whether it is a sensitivity problem.

I took the Sky down, gave it a couple of taps. As you might see, it registers rain.

OK - so at least the sensor is working :smiley:

The WF team are working hard on the continuous learning rain calibration, but they aren’t there yet. As far as I know they are still using one fixed calibration for all Sky units, and this is resulting in some over-reading (i.e. they’re too sensitive) and some under-reading (i.e. they’re not sensitive enough). If the behaviour of your Sky changed after a firmware update, I imagine they adjusted the calibration and has resulted in your Sky becoming a little less sensitive.

There is lots of information on the rainfall calibration here: The long and the short of it is: be patient - they will get there as quickly as possible.

As far as I know from v103 to v105 there have been no changes in the rain detection system.
There has been an iteration solving some wind detection issues within these versions.

We had a good day to test rain performance over the last 24 hours. It started with a nice thunderstorm and very heavy rain yesterday afternoon. Then we had good soaking rain over night. The results weren’t bad:

Cocorahs - 1.77"
Rainwise #1 - 1.65"
Rainwise #2 - 1.59"
Weatherflow - 1.64"

My SKY unit behaves exactly the same way as @garry. All sensors working but no rain detected at all, even though I am standing outside and getting wet. There is a Davis VP just 50 meters away that detected 4.3mm rain. Station ID 2777

I’m not sure if this goes in this thread, the Rain seem off (auto-calibration system not yet deployed) thread, or the New Hub Firmware v114 thread. One of my Sky units (SKY - Roof on 5075) did not detect rain while the other SKY - FT and the SKY - Mobile on 5080 both detected rain. Rain started at 12:13 (I wasn’t home at the time but SKY - Mobile has been quite consistent at detecting rain) yet SKY - Roof didn’t detect anything until I went up on the roof and tapped on its pole. After that it seemed to detect rain like usual.

I don’t recall this ever happening to any of the SKY units I have used. The only thing that has changed since the last rain is the the hubs are now on FW 114. @dsj, would the back end data give any clues?

FWIW, all SKYs are on the same type of pole and have a SPA for power.

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