Not detecting rain

Hi, my sky device seems to have stopped reporting rain.
We have had about 30mm of very light rain over the last day and 0mm are being reported from the unit.
This seems new as previously the device would pickup light rain.

Not sure what initial steps to take.

Do you have easy access to the sky or at least the pole on which it is mounted ? I so just tap with some metal on it and see if it triggers a rain event … though the false rain script will suppress most it should trigger at some point.


Tapping the pole trigged a rain alert.

At least we know your sky is still working. Most probably the standard calibration is just not sensitive enough for drizzle (30 mm though is quite a bit, you’re sure about 30 mm ???)
The calibration system is not yet deployed and will most probably set things better but only WF will know when that happens, and they’ll announce it once done.

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