Lightning at Midnight

i have a total of 6 i have the original in bits and about probably 5 sky units , i have donated two complete packages to locals here in jstanbul one which is still awaiting install, students are busy this time of year . living in this windy location i get the chance to really tackle the rain issues , it has improved vastly over time but still vulnerable when winds frequently hit 50kmh in short periods ,mounting or pole vibrations is not the issue if installed correctly its shear wind force hitting the rain component area , to explain in an easier understanding violent frequent gusts not sure how that can ever be resolved due to the nature of the technology and design . upto the point of rainfall under mild wind conditions the sky measures perfectly in comparison to the davis vp2 tipping bucket but as above as soon as the winds turn to frequent minutlely gusts of 50kmh or more it all goes wonky. below highlights that no rain seen that day outside…but another discussion for another day…

as its public now ill re add my image

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