20+ false lightning / day since dew point went below 0 Celsius

Hi guys,

I’m getting more than 20 false lightning detected /day (+40 on some days) since 19th of Nov. There was absolutely no changes made to the air positioning or any other thing in my patio was added or removed to interfere.

Coincidence is it started in the exact same day when the temp and dew point went below 0 centigrade. And yes, was my 40th birthday…

Been crawling the forum past week and I’ve seen a lot of advice to rotate the air w 90 degrees. Did that and false detection still persists.

My air is mounted on my patio at aprox 7.5 ft from ground level. Been there since July w/o. any issues.

Any ideas? Besides maybe after 40 you are filled w. this crazy energy that gets discharged each time I touch an object from my home? Lol

Tx, Dragos

Since dew point is a calculation of temperature and humidity it is safe to say dew point is a symptom and not a cause.

False lightning is generally caused by a high electrical disturbance. I would look at your heater and how it is ignited.

Is the lightning detected at the same time heat is turned on?

Hi Gary,

My house is heated by a gas boiler (both radiators and water) which is anyhow mounted 40 ft away from my air on the patio.

Lightnings are detected even when my nest thermostat puts the home to “away” mode, meaning no activity from boiler.


Hi Dragos,

This behavior looks strange. Maybe you could try moving the AIR to another part of your yard as a test?

40 is a magic number :wink: However, it has nothing to do with the lightning.
My Air detects many false strikes per day so I turned it off. When the temperature dropped, we use an electrical heater more often. Every time it turns on, a strike is detected :grin: As I mentioned here in the forum, I have two more detectors of same type which I configure for a different sensitivity. They’re immune to the heater but still detect real lightning quite well.
For your case, I suggest you think what’s different now, when it’s colder. What you use that you did not use in Summer.

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