Lightning Filter

I would love to have the ability to filter out lightning events that are further than 10 miles to me. If the sensor can determine how far away the strike is, it should be able to filter out strikes that are 10 plus miles away. I don’t care to be notified of events not in my local area and would like the ability to reduce notifications not relevant to me.

I 2nd this suggestion. I am sorry folks 26 miles away may have had a lightning strike, but I do not need to be notified that the lightning occurred.


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I agree. There’s no need to HAVE to be notified of lightning strikes so far away.

Thank you @armatoanthony for adding your support for this feature. Maybe we can get some traction for this after all!

This feature has been requested previously. We’re going to close this topic and return votes. See here: [App] Better control over lightning strike alerts