Proposal to change the lightning alert timing

Making this a topic on it’s own

after I followed a thunderstorm with my other detectors and the WF … I got so many alerts for thunderstorm at all distances mixed …

maybe set the trigger with an evolution, I agree one pro distance as it nears but I got about 20 push notifications in less then 3 hours

In my case we had 2 branches and in the end the 3 distances were crossed several times back and forth … hence the amount of notifications … so make the timer progressif somehow, not to sure what formula to use. Maybe once a distance alert is triggered, no more alerts till there is a gap of x minutes. Once the closer trigger is activated, the previous one is dead till the closer one is reset …

35 km alert … wait 30 mins
20 k alert : wait 30 mins and the 35 km alert is also reset to 30
5 km alert : wait 30 mins and the 20 and 35 km are reset to 30 …

and so on

we can discuss the 30 min … maybe a bit shorter or make it maybe in time a variable the user can chose …

What do others think about it ?

Hi @eric. I missed this somehow but am going back through feature requests today. Your description is exactly how the lightning alerts are supposed to work (see flowchart below). If you’re getting more alerts than you should, we may have a bug. Please document the time and distance of each alert next time it happens and if it doesn’t do what it should, please post your results to #owners:bug-reports Thanks!


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@dsj, I think your flow chart shows what the problem is. The box that says “Closer than previous strike” should say “Closer than previous alert”. Otherwise, if you got a strike at 5km, a strike at 10km, and another strike at 5km within 10 minutes, you would get a notification for both strikes at 5km.

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Hmm, you’re right. The way we do it now, it’s possible to get two alerts with the same distance within a 30 minute window. We could use the “closer than previous alert” but the idea is to alert you at least every 30 minutes, or any time the storm seems to be moving toward you.

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I mean, the 30-minute timeout still takes priority. If you’re still concerned about missing movement, then maybe the 30 minute timeout is too long.