Lighting Notification Cool Down

I enjoy the lightning notifications but it has been storming all day today and the amount of lightning notifications was frustrating.

Is there an option that I’m missing that allows for a notification cool dowm period?

nope, the cooldown is fix at 30 minutes. so 30 minutes after the last report, you can expect more. You will always get extra notification when the lightning is closer than the previous one (distance is clustered in ‘sunny’ ranges for that)

OK I understand. I’ve been getting them every 5 min or so during these storms. I’ll turn the notifications off during storms.

you should only get them when they are getting closer (if I remember correctly divided into 5 ranges). that should be max 5 reports. but unfortunately it starts all over after 30 minutes.

I would get a notification for 20ish miles away, then one for around 15, then 5.

A majority of those I received a notification for.

Here is where the zones are defined [App] Customize lightning strike alerts - #18 by dsj

that shouldn’t be true, but I get it that you receive too many. I suggested improvements, but they were never implemented.

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Thanks. More storms today and tomorrow. I’ll try to time it out.