[App] “Snooze” app notifications for a time


On iOS I’ve used other apps which allow you to long press a notification and choose to snooze them for a set amount of time, like 30 minutes or an hour. I would really like the ability to do so on tempest notifications.

I generally want to get notifications on lightning for example. However, we had a heavy storm last night and notifications were happening constantly. Rather than disabling notifications (so I could sleep) and have to remember to turn them back on the next morning, it would have been nice to be able to snooze them for an hour.

there shouldn’t be any need to get that many notification for a heavy storm. You should get one when the lightning starts, and perhaps one or two more when it is getting closer.

There are times I would like a notification for every strike. So a snooze feature would be ideal.

just curious, when would you like to have notifications for every strike? That can get pretty loud after a while. Why not watch the strike graph after the first strike notification?
Even with the current implementation you don’t get a notification for every strike. But at most 15 and half an hour later again at most 15

Trying to photograph strikes for example. When they are hitting at high frequency its easier to capture a shot.

that would be useful, but you will probably be too late. If you press the shutter when the notification appears, the strike has long been over.

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I think you will have better results with this kind of devices


Obviously more to let me know when a flurry of activity starts.

All this discussion is pointless however. The ask is the ability to snooze notifications, which other apps (like Ring) do. The request is to have that functionality.

That is awesome, and perfect for capturing the lightning. Maybe I wasn’t descriptive enough above.

If I get a notification that there is lighting 15 miles away, and another one at 12, that lets me know a storm is potentially approaching. However, if I get a flurry of notifications, I know a heavy storm is incoming. In a case like that I’m more likely to pull out my camera. A furry of notifications is almost going to give me a heads up that a stronger storm is incoming.