Lightning Detection is Awesome!

I just want to say the lightning detection on Tempest has been excellent. I also use a lightning tracker app that shows strike locations on a map. So far, Tempest alerts me well before I get a notification on the lightning tracker app. Every time I get an alert with Tempest, around 30 seconds later I get a notification with the lightning tracker app and the distance from me is always right on with the Tempest in relation to the actual strike locations on the map. Tempest is awesome!


The Tempest is really good at detection, I’ve cross checked it using the distance measurement tool on RadarScope and it’s usually spot on.


note that besides getting data from its own sensor, the app gets data from third party sources and displays those as if it were its own.

Is there any way to test the lightning detection ? Could be several months until we see the next thunderstorms around here.