Tempest lightning detection

After using the Tempest for about a month we finally got some less than sunny weather
with rain and storms in the forecast. Without any thunderstorms noticeable, the
lightning strike count is going off constantly. In the last 3 hrs it shows more than 4500
lightning strikes some as close as 1- 5 miles and I have not seen anything nor did I hear
any thunder.

compare it with something like https://map.blitzortung.org/#1/24.8/8.
Blitzortnung doesn’t show as much strikes as tempest cloud data, but at least it should tell you if there is lighning in your area.

Great site thanks, it just started here with thunderstorms in the last 5 minutes, but
Tempest shows over 7000 strikes within the last 3 hrs, while there was nothing
going on.

can you share your data publicly so we can have a look?

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