Lightning detection is out

We are in the midst of a storm here in the western MSP suburbs and it appears that lightning detection has gone out - I also checked some surrounding units, and it appears there are some that also have not detected lightning during this storm, but others have. My unit has been perfect until today on lightning and there has been well over 20 strikes I’ve seen (<5 miles) and lots within the 29 mile normal radius. Is there a known issue? I’ve gotten numerous WeatherBug notifications of <10 mile lightning, so I know it should be detecting. Hoping it’s just a short term issue?

Same in mine my station.
Lightnings this morning and no detection at all.

I’ve noticed the same issue in the last 20 minutes. The last strike recorded was 22 hours ago but I can hear the thunder as a storm is getting closer and my other lightning detector is beeping with each strike.

I guess somebody rebooted the server. I’m starting to get the strikes from Tempest now.

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Wow, must have been a blip of some sort, as suddenly it’s started working!

Same here! Something must have been out for a period of time.

There must be some larger issue. I’m getting lighting in the app now but rain intensity is not showing on the graph. It is showing as Light on the main page and did get Moderate for a few minutes but there is nothing in the graph.

See the service announcement for details

Thanks. I’m also seeing rain intensity in the graph now. I guess it is just slow processing as everything catches up and all will be good soon,

Thanks, Peter! I figured it was something technical, rather than the unit itself, since I saw others having the same issue near me.