Regarding lightning detection

I get some people don’t like getting Lightning notifications All the time, however we are in the middle of a lightning filled severe thunderstorm and not only my station but several other tempests have not recorded a single lightning strike….checked my sensor status and all are a good.

Anyone else get annoyed by this as it seems hit and miss. Last weekend I recorded 2500 strikes from a storm. Here is a photo a lightning strike I was able to get. Along with radar image and the lightning app I also use:


Forgot to add an image of my station display:

Lighting detection didn’t happen to get turned off, did it? I’ve seen the status change in the past, which is why I ask.

check under settings/alerts/lightning.

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That is a fair response. It would mean though that all other tempest’s stations in South Edmonton would have had their lightning disabled. I just double checked and I’m 10/10 for Tempest on the south side of Edmonton, Alberta Canada for not recording a single strike. While my friends Acurite atlas recorded 122 strikes on the north side of town.

Good point. Of course, if something is amiss at WeatherFlow’s end, it could make all stations ignore lightning.

@eric, are you able to peek behind the scenes to see what might be up?