Lightning detector not working

Here I sit with lightning flashing all around me every few seconds. The weather radar shows the T-storms less than 15 miles from me. But my lightning dector boldly proclaims that there are no strikes detected. It does say that strikes have been detctected a few days ago.

This is a new unit, sent to replace the last one that didn’t detect lightning after it worked for a few months.

The unit is on line. wind, rain, temperature, etc… are working normally. Checking the status board shows that the lightning detector is turned on,

I am puzzled. Any thoughts?

Dave in KY

Well shoot… I checked just now and it seems to be working. However, it says I’ve had 90 strikes in the last three nhours. Not sure I believe it, but at least it appears to be doing something. Stay tuned! Maybe it was just slow to wake up this morning. It was off all night and I got up and turned it on when I heard the lightning.


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I guess I will ask: why do you turn it off overnight?

In this neck of the woods (pacific northWET) we don’t get lightning very often. So until yesterday, it kept telling me the last strike was two months ago. Finally, yesterday some about 15 miles away which is what my friend living there reported!

Good luck

I turn off my wifi for security reasons. That makes the weather station go off line.

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I’m not sure, but there is some protection against false lightning reports. I think it is based on how likely that is going to happen during the day in the first place. Now if it retrieves that data say only a few times (once?) per day, it might not know that lightning is possible and suppresses the messages. Now that is a lot of speculation, but my guess is to try and leave it connected during the night might help. I don’t know the security issues with wifi that happen during the night, but perhaps a dedicated wifi for the weather station might help.

That is kinda lunacy. Password protect your wifi and don’t sweat it.

If it bothers you ‘that’ much segment your network and put the Tempest on a different network that can’t access anything important.


Yeah, I kinda need to hear more about this one. Turning WiFi off at night for security? What’s that all about… :thinking: