Service Outage (Lightning Strikes)

On the evening of July 6th, some users experienced a lag between lightning strike occurrence and reporting due to slow processing through our system. All of the new Tempests coming online recently combined with a very electrically active evening overwhelmed this part of our back-end system, the Tempest Cloud.

We are working on a resolution. Thanks for your patience and understanding!


It must have been some storm in the cloud, :smiley: because AcuRite’s cloud apparently had the same problem yesterday!


I’ll say. Mine recorded 508 strikes yesterday evening, and 2838 strikes two days before that. The Tempest much have a more sensitive lightning sensor; on the same day as that 2838 strikes, my dad’s station (about 4.5 miles away) recorded only 371.

Good afternoon all, there was a hiccup in the lightning processing system that affected certain users today between about 7 am EDT to 12:45 pm EDT on Tuesday, August 12th. During this time lightning strikes may not have been processed as normal. The problem has been resolved and the data is now flowing for all users as normal. Thank you so much for your understanding, and please let us know if you have any questions!

WeatherFlow Staff


Just noticed that lightning appears to be struggling again. My Air has been detecting lighting strikes all morning, and the latest strike was just over 5 minutes ago

but graphing appears to have stopped

@peter - thanks for the report. We are not seeing any system-wide issues this morning. Please let me know if you continue to see issues so we can try to figure out if you are having some more specific problem.

Hi @tony.mcgee, yes this is definitely still happening. The app and web indicate 86 strikes over the last three hours, but the graph shows far far fewer. I am getting lightning strikes appearing on the app as I write this, but nothing is showing up on the graphs (even with a page refresh)

I don’t know whether this is a graphing issue, or whether the API is somehow providing false lightning information.

I had a large number of strikes this morning that were definitely real, but it seems to have been playing up since approximately 1:30 pm BST

EDIT: Just to give an update, lightning activity has pick up considerably since my last post, and there have been 434 strikes recorded in the last 3 hours according to the app/web. I can hear the thunder rolling around, so I don’t think these are false strikes. The graphs are still showing nothing (at any zoom level)