Missing lightning data in app

It’s been storming here since yesterday, but the lightning data stopped at about 2:17am this morning. I still get alerts on my phone saying lightning was detected (and there is lots of thunder out there, so the lightning is there).

Does anyone know what’s going on? Thanks,


I looks like a graphing issue since the app cards show recent strikes.

Yes, I am being notified of the strikes when they happen. They just don’t show up on the graph.

Hello dernst, people are looking into the issue but can you give us a few more details

What mobile device, system etc and eventually a few screenshots so they can compare what you see with what is seen server side … trying to pinpoint where it went square.

Thanks for bringing it up and the help

iPhone XR, iOS 13.5.1

The graph in the app looks exactly like the online graph: It last shows strikes at 2:17am this morning. It’s continued to lightning all morning.

Interesting thing I noticed: This Tempest is only a few blocks from me, and it shows the same issue:



Here’s evidence that the lightning is actually happening and being detected