iOS app crash on lightning graph?

Like when your lightning detection count is 1090 in 3 hours? :thinking: The app did not want to graph that the first time I tried… or the second.

Hi @kamando Send us a detailed report so that we may investigate. Include app version, phone version, iOS version, screenshots if possible, station ID, and a detailed description. We’re happy to research and resolve, but first need to understand what you are experiencing.

And BTW – 1090 lightning strikes! Yikes! take cover. :wink:

July 9, 2018 At the time I was using app version 2.07, iOS version 11.4 on an IPhone 6. My station ID is 3003.

The Air lightning detector had been going off non stop that afternoon due to a large monsoon rolling thru the Phoenix area. When the 3HR lightning count finally stopped increasing, I absolutely wanted to see what 1090 strikes graphed as.

When I attempted to bring up the graph, it crashed the app and closed it. I believe it crashed on my second attempt to view the graph as well. It took 3 tries to finally see the graph. That is the only time I remember the app crashing on me.


@kamando Thanks for the report with details! Keep an eye out and let us know if you experience this again. There are infinite reasons why an app may crash at a given time, hard to replicate and attribute to 1000+ lightning strikes. BTW, we now have two lightning graphs. The one you included above is a grouping of strikes by distance. There is another graph with a count of strikes like this:

Thanks for the report! Together we get better.


Thanks. I really like the new strike count graph. :+1: