iOS App release v2.07

6 July – look for a new iOS app release version 2.07 today. Among other improvements, iPad users will notice a format alignment clean up of data display.

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seems not yet propagated, I still see 2.06 for now

I never saw V2.07 but tonight I get 2.08 :rofl:

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iOS App v2.09 was just released to the public. The release addresses an issue on the graphs that could cause the app to crash is rare circumstances.

Guess I’ll have to wait 2.10 :rofl: seems I can only have the pair version.
In any case not yet on France store.

Ahh the mysteries of the Apple App store. It takes time to propagate globally.

seems it finally crossed the water last night, updating as we speak

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Got the app updated, but it did take deleting the app from my iPad Mini 4 then downloading again from the App Store.

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