iOS (4.09) Released

An updated version of the iOS app is rolling out to the app store now. This release addresses a crash that a handful of users were experiencing. For most users, this build will be business as usual, but for the few that were experiencing a crash on startup this build should clear things up.


Looking good, so far.

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Running version 4.09 in iOS 14 / iPhone X for two days now, no issues… :+1:

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@corrineb: I found 2 issues now:

  • Installed on an iPad Air2 I can’t see the Details in the graphs:
    The field for data in the top line seems to be to short. The behavior is the same for different values and zomm levels.

  • Temp data on the initial page is updated as the station is offline. This issue also appears on an iPhone 6 (App vers. 4.06)

@dsfg We are taking a look at the iPad graph tooltip issue.

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@dsfg What version of iOS are you running on your iPad?

I found a bug in the ‘full screen’ mode. It ONLY happens when the app is in full screen. It occurs on my iPhone SE2 and iPad, both running the most current software (iOS 14.2). The wind card direction stutters. it constantly twitches from the last direction to the current one. I took a video, but am unable to upload it as it is a .mov

Try a .mov to .gif converter.

Hey @daniellevin Thanks for the report! We have seen this bug in action and have an improvement for it in a future build.

This one is still on iOS 10.3.3 but will be updated soon.

am on iOS14.3 rc1 (upping to rc2 now) iPhone12 pro
I don’t see that stuttering …(if I understand well what you describe)
Maybe upload it to some provider and share the link to it ?

I converted the file. .MOV is 8mb, .GIF is 90mb. Too big! Sorry. Any other suggestions for uploading?

you have a YouTube account (Google) ?

No, sorry. No social media, no website… If you send me a private message with your email, I can mail it to you

Just to reiterate - this only occurs if you go into settings and switch to ‘full screen’ mode. In normal mode I don’t see the twitch

ok this time I’m on iOS14.3 RC2 and since we have more wind this morning I see what you have too.
Below the video made by @daniellevin

I have seen that behavior in the past but don’t remember if it was on Android, or iOS. Just that it isn’t a new bug. IIRC, reloading the app would often clear up the behavior.