iOS v3.33 App Release

Today (October 21, 2019) we will be releasing a new version of the Smart Weather iOS app (v3.33).

Changes in this release can be found here:

Enjoy. - the WF team

tested on iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 13.1.3 (non beta) (wife’s new toy)

the first 3 are screen captures on that iPhone and don’t show the problems from latest 2 captures later below

when we first open a graph zoom buttons and menu are visible

we rotate and they are gone

rotating back and they are still not visible

On latest 2 pictures taken with my phone you see that the notch is ‘eating’ parts of the text, and that horizontal numbers flow into graph

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Good catch. Same issues here with the display. iOS 13.2 and latest WF app 3.31(348). Does not happen in iPadOS tho.

Ever since Smart Weather iOS app (v3.33), the widgets on iPadOS, in System Dark Mode, have made seeing the info impossible. Creating a support ticket has, so far, no response. These great widgets are now unusable. Just a heads up and hoping for a quick fix.


Rees Roberts
Racine, WI

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@three60guy, @Weather34

An updated iOS app (v3.34) will be sent to Apple today for review that includes dark mode fixes for the widgets.


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Thanks much. You folks must not get much sleep at all :slight_smile: :sleeping:

The updated v3.34 should be available shortly through the App Store. This build corrects the dark mode issue affecting widgets in iOS 13.

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There appears to be a major error with iOs3.33. The history no longer appears for my Air unit both on my iPhone X and my iPad Pro. The Air still shows up on the main screen and devices.

The updated app crashes when I press any of the Air bars on main screen to see their graphs. Consistent across iPad and iPhone. Latest iOS on both. Works ok for Sky bars but full app crash for Air sections. App v3.34(352)

EDIT: removed and reinstalled the iOS app with same result. Crashes for all actions for Air beyond the main screen.

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Same issues here on both iPhone 7 Plus and iPad

3.35 fixed it. Yay. WF must get no sleep :).

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