App v3.20 Release

Today (July 30, 2019) we will be releasing new Smart Weather app and web versions. The mobile app versions are as follows: iOS v3.20 and Android v3.2.

Significant changes in these releases can be found here:

Enjoy. - the WF team


Thanks for the update guys! I happened to look at the WeatherFlow map today for the first time in a long time. I remember when I was the only one in my area. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I am now swimming in a sea of Weather Flow stations. SF Bay Area US. Keep up the great work!


I can’t seem to find the rainrate graph?

Edit … found it. Sorry.

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Where did you find it at? I couldn’t find it either or maybe I’m missing something…

Open a graph.
Then choose from the drop down menue.

What does the Quality Control toggle do? I don’t remember seeing anything about it.


Ah I see it now, didn’t think to go into that menu for it. I was thinking somehow the old rain graph would display it somewhere. Very cool, now just need some rain to test it out but it looks very useful!

Is Rain Rate different than the Rain Intensity that has already been in the precip charts before this app update? I’m on Android.

Also, the Android app store listing still says Google Home is coming soon.

Rain intensity is the desciptive variant like “heavy”.
Rain rate is the often asked numerical information.


That’s a new alert type that will be used for potential “quality control” issues our Continuous Learning algorithms identify. Things like, “your pressure sensor may have failed”, “your AIR may be receiving direct sunlight during certain hours” or “your SKY may be experiencing a chronic false rain issue” and others.


Should that be enabled?