App release: iOS 2.23 and Android v2.15

New versions Smart Weather App were released to the app stores today 24 August, along with a new version of the Web app (accessible at iOS v2.23 and Android v2.15. Release notes here:

Updates include:

  1. Rain card now displays “today” and “yesterday” rain totals rather than “last 24 hours” and "last hour"1

  2. The blue bars on the rain graph now represents the qualitative “intensity” (“very light”, “light”, “moderate”, “heavy”, “very heavy” and “extreme”) rather than the quantitative "hourly rate"2

  3. Some fields under Settings->Stations->[your station] have been moved to a new “Public Data” sub-section. Within this sub-section there are two new meta-data fields: “Public Name” and "Public Location"3 which allows users to obfuscate your station location when data is published publicly without affecting the location specific forecasting, etc.

  4. Other minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

The Android build also has a few new fixes/work-arounds for weird Android BLE issues.

Foot notes / rationale:

1This change was driven by a general consensus, arising mainly from customer support tickets, that most users are more interested in “yesterday” vs “today” rather than “last 24 hours” and “last hour”. It also matches the graph better, which breaks accumulation into “local day” bins.

2This change was made in an attempt to simplify the rain graph. The quantitative “hourly rate” value, extrapolated from the various time scales (1-min, 5-min, 30-min or 3-hour) accumulation values, was confusing to many. Plotting intensity rate the same graph as accumulation added to the confusion/complexity. No change has been made to the green accumulation line.

3This is the long-awaited solution to the “I don’t want people to know exactly where my weather station is” concern that some users have expressed. Rather than changing the station’s actual location, which can cause unintended consequences (e.g., with the five-day forecast and parts of the Continuous Learning system), these users can now set an alternate name and location. If set, these values will override the “normal” station name and location in any context where the station is displayed publicly (e.g., the “share” page).


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Using iOS v2.23 iPhone app - when you click on the the temperature from the main page for the “AIR” the graph is showing the temperature reading twice in the header when you click on a timeframe.


do you mean the 55 and the 68 figure ?

If so that is normal as the first is dew point and the second real temperature (red line, blue line on the graph)


Thanks for pointing this out, so much to learn.

I will read this to try and understand better.

EDIT: Maybe change it to match what the webpage shows?



I’d really prefer to have a choise to select “last 24 hours” back in the blue Rain Card.
For me today rain vs yesterday rain is too abstract (yesterday evening at 12 o’clock the amounts dropped from about 20 mm to zero, whilest we had a lot of rain).
Maybe that setting is simple to achieve, please?

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