Rain yesterday - there one minute, gone the next

Well, this odd. Earlier today, my station showed 0.19" of rain for yesterday. Now, this evening, it shows — rain yesterday. Just to make sure I had not looked at it wrong, I confirmed on PWS which shows 0.19" for yesterday. And, when I go to the graph and scroll back to yesterday, it shows total accumulation of, you guessed it, 0.19". It’s not a big deal but a real head-scratcher as to when/why the total for yesterday went away. Can’t say if it has done this before or not. Aside from that, the sensitivity and measurements appear to be right on.

2 hours later and rain yesterday just came back; shows 0.19" again. Both times, checked the website and my Android phone and both showed the same.

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Good catch @duvalljm Some of you who had rain yesterday may have noticed a brief period where Yesterday’s Rain values displayed “—”. This was a hiccup in our API response (which would explain why you saw similar nulls across Android and web) for the value summary.precip_accum_local_yesterday which was quickly recognized and resolved by our engineering team (during Friday happy hour!) . :beers:

All fixed. Carry on.