Observation data: No precip "accum local yesterday final' for 4/22/23?

I use the API to monitor daily rainfall for a remotely located property. I save the “precip_accum_local_yesterday_final” value to a database and calculate the total rainfall for the week combined with the zone runtime from my Rachio irrigation controller to determine whether my lawn is getting enough water.

I’ve only been collecting data for a couple of weeks so I don’t have a lot of data points but I’ve been seeing the precip_analysis_type_yesterday typically value flip from 0 to 1 shortly after midnight each day to indicate that the precip_accum_local_yesterday_final value has been calculated and is ready. Up until yesterday, this has been working consistently since I implemented the Windows service that uses the Tempest websocket.

There were heavy thundershowers at the Tempest weather station location yesterday and the Tempest app shows 0.81" of recorded rainfall occurred yesterday, 4/22/23. However, the observation data received by the web socket since midnight has been showing 0 inches of “precip_accum_local_yesterday” and “precip_accum_local_yesterday_final” and a “precip_analysis_type_yesterday” value of 0 indicating that analysis is still pending.

It’s 5:05PM on 4/23/23 at the time I post this that the values remain unchanged. Is anyone else seeing similar behavior and if so, is this a frequent occurrence?

Disregard. Bonehead coding error in recent changes to deserialization code that resulted in the summary object containing null data. All good now.

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