Not getting precip_accum_last_24hr_indoor data from REST


I have an Air and Sky and I’m just starting to play with the API (should have done it long ago). When I do an{station_ID}?api_key={developer_key}

the call doesn’t return any precipitation data as is described in the online API documentation.

Can someone please tell me the correct call to retrieve precipitation data including the last 24hr precip data and last hour precip data. Thanks in advance for the help

First, what is your station ID?

Second, that is the proper call. It’s available in obs as precip_accum_last_24hr. There is no indoor.

"obs": [
        "timestamp": 1551398918,
        "air_temperature": -2.9,
        "barometric_pressure": 1015.9,
        "station_pressure": 1015.9,
        "sea_level_pressure": 1021.3,
        "relative_humidity": 52,
        "precip": 0.0,
        "precip_accum_last_1hr": 0.0,
        "precip_accum_last_24hr": 0.0,
        "precip_accum_local_day": 0.0,
        "precip_accum_local_yesterday": 0.0,
        "wind_avg": 0.0,
        "wind_direction": 0,
        "wind_gust": 0.0,
        "wind_lull": 0.0,
        "solar_radiation": 0,
        "uv": 0.0,
        "brightness": 0,
        "lightning_strike_last_epoch": 1550880823,
        "lightning_strike_last_distance": 24,
        "lightning_strike_count": 0,
        "lightning_strike_count_last_3hr": 0,
        "feels_like": -2.9,
        "heat_index": -2.9,
        "wind_chill": -2.9,
        "dew_point": -11.4,
        "wet_bulb_temperature": -5.3,
        "delta_t": 2.4,
        "air_density": 1.30953

Thanks Gary

The exact call I’m using is:

What I’m getting back is

“station_id”: 2126,
“station_name”: “Hailey, ID”,
“public_name”: “Hailey, ID”,
“latitude”: 43.53095,
“longitude”: -114.32092,
“timezone”: “America/Denver”,
“elevation”: 1631.995727539062,
“is_public”: true,
“status”: {
“status_code”: 0,
“status_message”: “SUCCESS”
“station_units”: {
“units_temp”: “f”,
“units_wind”: “mph”,
“units_precip”: “in”,
“units_pressure”: “inhg”,
“units_distance”: “mi”,
“units_direction”: “cardinal”,
“units_other”: “imperial”
“outdoor_keys”: [
“obs”: [
“timestamp”: 1551400032,
“air_temperature”: 3.0,
“barometric_pressure”: 834.3,
“station_pressure”: 834.3,
“sea_level_pressure”: 1016.2,
“relative_humidity”: 54,
“lightning_strike_last_epoch”: 1551357019,
“lightning_strike_last_distance”: 1,
“lightning_strike_count”: 0,
“lightning_strike_count_last_3hr”: 0,
“heat_index”: 3.0,
“dew_point”: -5.4,
“wet_bulb_temperature”: -0.4,
“delta_t”: 3.4,
“air_density”: 1.05246

Thanks again

You are not getting the Sky data because the Sky is offline. The batteries are dead. In fact it has been offline for over two months.


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Haha, nice catch!


Well my sky is mounted on a post in my backyard and with 3 to 4 feet of snow back there the batteries are not going to get changed anytime soon :frowning:

The sky was just installed in mid-May with brand new lithium batteries. If it went out 2 months ago that means I’m only getting 3/4 of a year out of a set of batteries. I hope Weatherflow comes out with an inexpensive solar charger at some point.

Is there a way to get a notification if your batteries die or either the air or sky goes offline for any reason? That would be a nice feature to have in the app.

I’m not surprised I didn’t notice the batteries go out on the sky. When you live in a ski town the only relevant wind speed during the winter is at the top of the mountain; not down at the bottom. If the winds get too high at the top of the mountain they can’t run the lifts. In the winter, the most important weather information at my house is temperature and snowfall. I just wish there was a way to measure snowfall in addition to rain. Just in the month of February we had over 10 feet!

Thanks for the help

I get an email if my stations go off line for an hour or more. IIRC, it shows in my notification tray on my Android phone, too.


Yes. Notifications are sent on both.

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That at least is good but it probably got lost among the countless other notifications I get every day on my phone. Does the Smartweather app include a badge with a message count and the ability to view important messages within the app? That is the standard for important notifications on an iPhone

I just wanted to follow up here on the thread I started. I managed to get out through the snow to my Sky. I had to order more lithium batteries but validated that it is just a dead battery issue by temporarily using some alkaline batteries instead. The immediately started working again and pumping out the missing data elements. Thanks again for the help.