Rain Intensity in REST API

Apologies if this is somewhere that I can’t find… I’m trying to set some alarms when it starts raining (trying to get Alexa to yell at me if the door/windows are open), but I can’t find the rain intensity as shown in the app in the REST API. I’m currently doing it based on an increasing precip_accum_last_1hr value, but this is less than ideal as it not only lags but could go down after the first hour. What am I missing? Is there another value in the REST API I could use for this?

It is a calculated value.

I see it now, thank you, based on 1 minute accumulation. It doesn’t look like that value is available via REST either, so it appears I’ll need to implement a UDP or Websocket listener. Odd though that it’s in the app that is obviously not using a UDP listener, but I can’t get that data via REST. I would have assumed the app was using the REST endpoints.

It’s calculated in the application.

The applications use a combination of the REST API and web socket to retrieve the raw data.

The 1 minute rain accumulation data is available in the REST API and the websocket - in the obs array it is index 12 for Tempest and index 3 for SKY. To get the current rain intensity, just multiply this value by 60.

You can view all the fields in the REST API here: https://weatherflow.github.io/SmartWeather/api/swagger/. Click “Expand Operations” in the top right.

Aha - I get it now! Thanks everyone - I was overlooking the difference between station observation and device observation. I needed to be looking at the device observation to get the raw data like short term rain. Now I just need to wait a few hours for the next monsoon to blow through to test out the updated code. Thanks!


Glad you managed to find a solution. I didn’t realise you were using the station observation endpoint rather than the device observation endpoint. Either way, the 1-minute precipitation data is still available from the station observation endpoint. In the obs array there is a field called precip. This should be the value that you want.

For example, here is a snippet for the latest observation from my station. I have highlighted the precip field with ** **.

"precip_minutes_local_yesterday":0, .....]