I could probably wait until the next rain event which may not be until who knows how long, but I’m going to ask now since this is driving me nuts.

I have a program that runs every hour on the hour via cron that pings the Tempest API to get the current conditions of my station. We had a good deal of rain all day today and everything reported just fine, except for the precip_accum_last_1hr value. It always read 0… after beating my head against the wall without being able to test live data now that it isn’t raining, I’ve come to the conclusion that my understanding of this value is wrong.

My understanding is that this value represents the last 60 minutes of data. But now that I’m thinking about it, I’m hoping that this value actually represents the amount of rain since the last hour on the hour occurred?

In other words, my expectations are that if it it runs at 13:00:00.1456 it should report how much rain has fallen since 12:00:00.1456. But in reality, it’s reporting how much rain as fallen since 13:00:00.0000? This would explain why my values are always “0.00”?

Am I on the right track here or is there something else I need to explore as to why my 1hr precip is always 0.00?

Hi @mabeatty1978 ,
Yes I agree I get the same problem. Although I have to be careful that my station is reporting from the correct Sky or Tempest because I have several but I can see that my station page reports the rain from a Sky which had rain within the last hour so I assume that is the same Sky being used for my station, and shows rain for yesterday, but zero today or last hour from the API.
I went to the API overview link at the top of this page and burrowed down until I found the API call that I guess you are using and entered my station ID and token like this:'
pasted it into my browser and hit return
It did not show the rain I had in the last hour or day:
But I have not used the station API call for my Apps as I call the deviceID where I have not had a problem and this is still ok
So rather than using the station I called the deviceID like this:
Which returns this:
cheers Ian :slight_smile: