Definition of API fields with "precip" in the tag name


I posted this request to support as I could not find the answers in the community forums.

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Sadly the response I got was not very helpful.

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Can anyone possibly assist? I would be very appreciative.

Thank you.

precip is the the current precipitation (in mm/h)
the next three are the total amount accumulated during the giving period in mm
and the last two are the length of the precipitation period in minutes.
What is it that isn’t clear about it?

Thanks for responding, just so that I can be 100% sure:

  1. precip is the current percipitation in mm/h, so if a request is is made to the API at 10H15, the result is for the hour from 09H15 to 10H15, OR is the the reading of the current percipitation from 10H00 until 10H15?

2.same question precip_accum_last_hr?

  1. makes sense, thank you.

  2. makes sense, thank you

  3. so “precip_minutes_local_daily” is the TOTAL duration of percipitation in minutes then for the day, i.e. when offset is set to 0 (for current) irrespective of when during the day?

  4. “precip_minutes_local_yesterday” makes sense now, thank you.

no, it is the instant rate, measured by the device. it is the rate at 10:15. It might be something like 30mm/h (a lot) which means that if it were to rain for an hour as intense as it is raining now (10:15) 30 mm of rain would fall.

it is reset at midnight and increases by one for every minute of rain during the day.

accum_last_hr, I’m not sure about but is easy to find out. If you look at 10:15 it might be the rain accumulated between 9:15 and 10:15 or in the last full hour 9:00 till 10:00. To check which of the two, wait for some event to start (or generate some false rain say at 12:15). If that increases accum_last_hr within a minute or so it (do the rest request at 12:17) than it is the period between 11:17 and 12:17. If not it, it should increase at 13:00, telling you it is the period between 12:00 and 13:00

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Helps alot thank you