Quick REST API Question - precip_accum_last_24hr

Quick question about the REST API field - precip_accum_last_24hr. Is the rain value in this field a rolling value that shows the precipitation for the last 24 hours from the time that the field is read or is does it contain the rain accumulated during the previous calendar day.

Thanks in advance for the help

there is
“precip_accum_last_1hr”: 0.0,
“precip_accum_last_24hr”: 0.0,
“precip_accum_local_day”: 0.0,
“precip_accum_local_yesterday”: 0.0,

so the last two are related to the calender day. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense if last_24 hour would return the same value, so it is save to assume it returns what the name implies… rain during the last 24 hours. You could easily find out by requesting the value immediately before and after midnight.

Thanks. When I looked at the REST API I didn’t see
precip_accum_local_day”: 0.0,
“precip_accum_local_yesterday”: 0.0

I only saw the 1hr and 24hr values. I agree it makes sense that the 2 return different values.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Post the exact REST call to the API. There is more than one and we need to see what you are requesting.

Thanks @GaryFunk. However, I now have this covered. No more effort is required. I do appreciate your following up to make sure.