Option to set Rain measurements to last 24 hrs?

I’d really have an option to ALSO measure rainfall over the last 24hrs, last 12 hrs and last hour.

I understand measurements in general are different depending on regions people live, but over here like “last 24 hrs” is quite general.
(For my sport I want to know how soaked the ground is)

The current measurements “yesterday” and “today” are quite abstract and useless to me :wink:

Example : Buienradar.nl - hoeveel regen is er het afgelopen (24) uur gevallen?

Depending on how soon you want this you may want to consider one of the many third-party applications.


Which would you advise?

For the moment I can still live without, but I’d like this option in WS.
I don’t like to have unnecessary apps.

Any of the third party applications that save data to a local SQL database. I’m rather partial to WFArchive. :slight_smile:


Blackbird, I am looking for the same data: rainfall in the last 24 hours. Did you find a fairly easy solution? I’m not skilled with the 3rd party app options.