Ability to add start up rainfall and correct daily rainfall totals

Hi I would like to see the ability to add start up rainfall totals to the app i.e year.
I would also like to see where a user can have the control to adjust the daily rainfall totals when Sky does not read them correctly


The app is meant to be as simple as possible with not too much bells and whistles. I don’t think WF will add more and more options to it as there are already 3rd party options allowing you to record the UDP stream and send the raw data where you want. From there you can display, store data like you want. Or why not write your own script ?

Here is a topic about it

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Hi I already use WD as a third party option but thought that if WF could add that in then it would make it easier for people who don’t use other options and also to give accurate readings back to WF, also to get rid of unwanted readings like bird landings


I Agree, having the ability to remove false data from the supplied interface would be beneficial especially if it could be used in the learning process. Comparing rain readings from other trusted sources is not of benefit to me as both sources are at least 10k away. I also note that my sky device is located on the same structure (not on the same pole) as my other rain gauge, the type you have to empty, and when I do this, even gently, sky records a rain event. Before asking, the pole in which I have mounted sky to is Gal Iron 120cm high and fixed securely to the structure. I think that I may look at some sort of vibration dampering system to remove as much vibration as possible as even a tap on the structure records an event. In addition to this, I have had a couple of rain events where wind exceeded 30kph with 45kph gusts, sky registered over 2x the amount of rain compared to my other gauge. Seems to work great though when wind isn’t a factor.

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Agree that we still need this feature. The idea that we can’t trust the historical rainfall data inside of a given station is problematic. We just had a cyclone pass through NZ and we only had 7mm rain over 48 hours, yet the station reported 48mm of rain with 25mm occurring inside of an hour when the peak wind gusts were coming through.

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