Rain accumulation and other issues

Yesterday, due to the close passage of tropical storm Eta, I had 6.73 inches of rainfall for 11/8/2020. And the Tempest app showed that. However, now, the accumulated rainfall for 11/8 shows as dashed lines. It’s as if it didn’t rain yesterday. What happened to the data?

Then I was reading about “Rain Check”. The rain check icon appeared on my station app, but I didn’t knowingly turn it on. And currently it’s off, and there’s no options under “advanced” to turn it on and off.

Lastly, shouldn’t every device I view my data on show the same data? On one device, rainfall shows dashed lines, and inside the wind compass it also shows dashed lines instead of data.

My station is 31382.

Bottom line, my rain data for Nov. 8 disappeared. Why doesn’t it show? I turned off “Rain Check” as discussed in another thread, but my rain data is still gone for that day.

As far as I can see, you have no data for any sensor before 4 pm on 11/9/2020. Did you delete/re-add your Tempest device or do anything similar around that point?

Peter, if I deleted anything prior to 4 pm on 11/9/2020, it was accidental.
My station has been up and running since November 3rd. I recently noticed “Rain Check” was active; if I activated it, it was unintentional. I don’t know when or how the icon first appeared. So I turned it off, and at that time I must have deleted or re-added something, because on 11/9 at 4 PM I got an email saying my station was on line. So apparently I accidently did something that took it off line, and also apparently deleted all my past data.

If this is so, my previous data is gone for good? Too bad; tropical storm Eta dumped over six inches of rain in that one 24 hour period!

You might ask @WFsupport if they can find the data previously connected to your Station ID and relink it. The data is actually linked to a Device ID which changes if you delete and re-add the device. That is why they implemented the Replace Device option, to keep the history linked.