Raw Rain Accumulation after 24hrs?


Not sure if my station is misbehaving or it’s a normal function but the historical data (both accumulation and rain intensity graphs) seem to disappear after a 24 hour period? As an example, yesterday, we had 0.3 mm of rain accumulation reported but when I check on the main app screen today, it indicates 0.0 mm for yesterday? Rain accumulation and intensity graphs are also not showing?

Is there some setting that I need to adjust? The station is installed at my cabin so it may be possible that there was a power outage but my security cameras did not go off-line so I’m fairly confident that the power did not go out.


It shouldn’t just disappear. What is your station number?

Not sure if the station number and serial number are the same?


If not, if you could kindly advise me where I can find the station number.

Your station number is the ID you can find in the share URL ore in the Settings Tab, if you tap on the status menu.
Next to the Serial number you posted.

Titel is “station ID”

My station ID is: 7038

You are one of the ones in Canada where RainCheck is available. If you look at the history screen you can see the rain drop with a check mark.

You can turn off the display of it by going to settings, Stations, station name, Manage Devices, device name, Advanced. You should see a screen like this:

Just turn off the RainCheck toggle and it will only show the station’s raw data. RainCheck will still be used to calibrate your station.


Thanks for your help. I can now see the raw data.

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