Strange Rain Data issue

I have my 2 Tempest stations mounted about a foot apart on top of the same pole. The rain total on one station is different from the other one. I would think they would be a bit closer.

Station ID 15419 shows 0.19’’ of rain yesterday and Station ID 24352 shows 0.28"

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the first station has raincheck applied, the second station did not. Raincheck is an algorithm by weatherflow that runs in the hours after midnight and tries to set a better accumulated rain total. You might want to enable, or disable raincheck on both of them an see if they match better.


I have 2 Skys similarly on the same wooden board and if there are windy vibrations they behave differently. And I noticed one mount was slightly looser than the other one and I guess that would also contribute to the difference.

how much difference do you see on average?

It depends on the wind and the calibrations because the calibrations are more than just one figure. And my 2 skys are calibrated differently for testing purposes. My vibrating pole can read 3000% more on one and 260% more on the other than the actual rain during conditions that are vibrating my pole. I have a windsock immediately below the mount so it can flap and vibrate to the extreme. Or in gentle rain without wind they might read 30% and 10% of actual rain. The vibrations of my pole are really tough to counter!


That’s interesting since the web interface showed that Rain check was enabled for both stations. I did disable and renable it on both, but of course, it will now be awhile before we are expecting any rain.

Since Rain check was enabled on both stations, why wasn’t it applied on one of them?

Sorry, I’ve no clue. Is it the same in the app as in the web interface?

Yes, both stations show Rain Check enabled in both the app and the web interface.

Ok, this is strange. I just checked a few mintues ago and now the station that didn’t have Rain Check applied does have it applied.

indeed, that’s strange. Raincheck is supposed to run in the hours just after midnight. Perhaps their servers had problems or were overloaded. At least the two values are now close to each other.

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Why in the world do you have two stations together like that isn’t one enough??

no I don’t need two, but I was send an extra one for testing purposes. Cfrank01 and iladyman are both field testers, so I assume for them it is the same. There are a few more field testers located all over the world. They help weatherflow to deliver the best product for you.