Rain Accumulation Total - Seems wrongbug

The rain total for the day keeps resetting back to 0.

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Weird indeed

but while just looking your station I see it went offline a few minutes ago. You’re rebooting the hub ???

Also can you have a look at the RSSI values (push the green bullet on webpage down right, it’ll flip over and give many details). They should be -xxdb and hopefully they are not over -80db (more negative)

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No manual reboots.

HUB RSSI is -16 dB and has been up 4 days. I did have network down a few days.
SKY RSSI is -86 dB, seems a bit low but HUB is getting the data I think.
The last rain event looks ok.

Sky is indeed limit but that doesn’t explain the drops as it should backfill if the drop outs are short enough.

Plus now your station shows off line …
Before I ask you to reboot station, let’s ask @wfsupport if there is something weird server side … double forecast card … doesn’t look to nice to me

@wfsupport : can you please have a look serverside at Mao’s account … the Sky’s distance can’t be the explanation … wind should show the same dropouts as rain if it was reception problems. Thanks

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Ok, thanks for assistance.

And yes, now I see the data drop-outs.
Looks like wind also does have data gaps.

Thanks for the posts on this issue. We had a problem in our system related to rain accumulation and backfill. The problem existed between 1/14/2020 and 1/18/2020. Your past and present data should look correct now. Please let us know if you still see any problems.


Looks good today, thanks for looking into it.