Rain values show gap and drop on Rain graph

I noticed something strange on the rain graph of both SKYs on 5075. In both cases there is a gap in the graph and the value drops a little bit. I don’t know what happened but thought I’d report it.

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Hub reboot? Internet connection drop for a few minutes?

No, the SKY - Back Yard had an up time of over a day, SKY - Roof had an up time of over 14 days, the hub up over 53 days and my Meteobridge logs don’t show an internet connection drop at that time. My other WF station shows no such issue, only this one.

Those should Anwalt be covered by the buffers and if one looks to the detail, no data is missing, only the line between the two points (and hence the filling).
This should be investigated by the WFteam member, maybe @corrineb could help?

ok let me jump in here. There is something happening server side that I found. I can’t explain and as it is week end I did not forward it to the staff. They need a brake like we all do :wink: and since this is not affecting overall readings nor anyone else (that I’m aware of) …
I PM’d gizmoev already about it. I will forward my findings Monday and for sure a reply will be made by staff.

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It just dawned on me that the gap would make sense since the algorithm is probably written for rain accumulation to not connect one day’s total to the zero beginning of the next day. You can see this if you look at a day where there was no rain. What is strange is the drop in total for the day as @eric verified on the server side so it likely isn’t an app issue.

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This is a API issue that we are working on. We aren’t exactly sure of the cause yet, but we are working on tracking it down and getting it fixed. I will keep you posted.