Question. On lightning display

Does the lighting only show up to one month since last strike, mine says 1 month but it’s been over 2 months so I’m wondering if that’s the limit on a last detection? Thanks

I have an Air unit (which I now use as an indoor unit) that is showing three months, so, one month does not appear to be the limit. Have you looked at the timeline details?

All I know is under tempestwx it shows 2months so that seems to be counting longer however under the normal tempest app it’s stuck at one month so they differ

it is kind of a silly message anyway. I could understand a little why you might want to see it a couple hours, perhaps even up to 24 hours, but what is the use of telling me that 4 days ago there was some lightning within 40km of the station?
I would prefer if it would just go away after some time passed (or perhaps display — instead)

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I don’t know who you are talking to but I never told you about any lightning display striking any where we haven’t had lighting here in over two months so check your notes and get your messages to the right party.

I think you mean lightning.