Lightning strikes and count

Hello, and I would like to see the app instead of counting the hours since the last lightning strike up to 24hrs. Then stopping and going by days after that, why not keep showing the hours like 24 25 26 etc etc until the next strike.

frankly, I don’t see the need for displaying that info at all after a couple of hours. I like the number of strikes in the last 3 hours. Perhaps add one for the last 24 hours. My station is currently showing that the last strike detected at 6 days ago. What use is that info at all and would it get better if it became 144 hours ago?
I wouldn’t mind if in the grid display ( ) the “last detected” and “last 3 hrs” would trade places.

Hey buddy thanks for the feed back and yeah either way it’s not a big deal. What is a big deal is my rain totals are not good at least my first two . Are you having any rain issues?

I can’t compare my rain values, because I don’t have any other rain measuring device. This year I do have plenty of false rain events, due to some bird deciding that it is his favorite singing spot. I can see that some bird landings are being suppressed, but for example today and yesterday I still had 2.5 mm of false rain.

Yeah unlike yourself I have a couple of other gauges that are good, and tempest had a hard time with heavy rain under reporting and if a steady or lighter rain event tempest over achieved. Rain check works but not perfect, I think this will be the greatest challenge for weather flow people by far. They are attempting something that’s never been done like this before trying to measure rain without any moving parts, but hey that’s what we all signed up for to be part of the future. Good luck to you.


in my opinion rancheck is a hack that shouldn’t be needed. they might use it in the background to calibrate the unit, but the unit should have an acceptable accuracy by itself.


The only good I see out of RainCheck is. . .if I accidentally “bump” the Tempests while checking them or doing a PMI (PreventativeMaintenanceInspection). . .then it will be cleared back to 0.00" at the next day because the bogus was caused by me. . .not an actual rainfall amount.

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I got news for you I was way behind from a blinding 25 minute rain storm yesterday and tempest was 0.21 behind and rain check made up the difference all but exact. So at least for now I love it.