Lightning Strike Avg Distance should not be zero when there is no strike

When there is no strike the distance should report NULL instead of ZERO (which implies the strike is TDC). If there is no strike there can be no distance.

TDC ???

indeed sending zero in the flow could send some third party scripts in believing it is a home strike while there is nothing to see. Maybe a next version could correct/adapt this situation ???

too damn close. We used that a lot in Vietnam.

I can’t even start to imagine since I never came close to anything called war. But I once had a thunder strike on a house where I lived long ago … impressive … guess you still have nightmares but back on topic …

@dsj : possible to change that without sending other scripts in messy situations ??

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I think I can be done in Hub firmware. Along with wind direction when wind speed is zero.

Hmm. Yes, this is technically correct, just like a “0” wind direction when the wind speed is also “0” should also be NULL. But if we change that to NULL now, who knows what will break! Just add a business rule to your app: “if strike count is zero, then ignore strike distance”

I already do. That and set wind direction to null when speed is zero and to 360 wind speed is greater then zero and direction is zero.

But like all mistakes, state when they will be corrected and it’s up to developers to put a fix in place to handle the change.


I thought that you were referring to Top Dead Center, which is the zero degree mark on an internal combustion engine piston at the top of its compression stroke. Either way, there will be a loud bang as something blows up… :cloud_with_lightning: