Local weather alerts not displaying info

I’m using the tempest app for iOS. Latest version iOS and app. Ever since the rollout of local weather alerts all I get is the badge on the Home Screen that says things like “Wind advisory,” but nothing happens when I tap it. I get no further info like when the advisory is in effect or any other info posted by noaa. Is this a known issue?

weird since I do get more info. Maybe it depends what info there is available ?
Since I’m not in the US (where I live there are no alerts for now)

It’s been this way for me ever since rollout. I can see the alert but can’t click :man_shrugging:t4: I wonder why it would be acting this way. If I go to AccuWeathere there is a lot of detail.

I will say, I erred on my iOS. I’m on iOS 16.4 Public Beta 4. Not sure that makes a difference.

It’s probably having issues with the lat/lon of your station. There is a rare bug in the current build that can cause it to lose it’s lat/lon and when I load the alert details it doesn’t have the necessary information to do so.

This has been fixed and will be in the next build.

In the meantime you can try adding a different location, switching to it and then back to your station and it hopefully will reset the location info with a valid lat/lon.

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Ah ha! Switching back and forth and then force closing/reopening the app worked! Thank you!

No problem, glad it fixed it. It should remain working now, but if you hit the issue again, just do the workaround.

Sorry about this one, it was a little gremlin that was hard to track down. The next release will have a permanent fix for it.

I’m in Bellevue Nebraska. . . mine looks like this:

Hey, neighbor! Yes! Mine looks exactly like yours now, too, thanks to Corey’s excellent troubleshooting suggestions. Hard to believe it was in the mid-60s yesterday, huh?

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I have 3 Tempest devices: Field Test; Backyard; Paver Patio. . .and original WF SWS (Smart Weather Station) + Davis Vantage Vue. . . all for the purpose of monitoring G C C — Global Climate Change. Field Test and Backyard are co-located. . .only 2.5 ft apart. Paver Patio is closer to the house and only up 8ft above the floor of the paver! WFSKY-01 (SKY device) is on the roof along side DV-6410 anemometer / vane. WFAIR-01 (AIR device) is underneath the overhang so it never gets any sunlight (to prevent temperature spikes).

Judging by your station’s serial number. . .looks like you have one of the Original Production runs of the Tempest device (ST-0000####).

Yes, I was a Kickstarter backer so I got one of the first runs!