Not receiving alerts (resolved)

I had a lightning event last night, and some rainfall today. Did not receive an alert for either. Notifications are enabled on my IOS devices, and alerts are ‘on’ for both events in the app. What else can I check?

In the phone application, turn the alerts off, back out of the screen, then back the screen, check that the alerts are actually off and turn the alerts on.

Okay, I tried it. Thanks. You’d think between my various devices one of them would have notified me! Now I guess I have to wait for another event…

I’m not saying that is the issue but it’s a start.

You can always trigger false rain or lightning strike and check.

Thanks for your help. Just poured water over the SKY, but no alert. Probably because the rain event isn’t new. how do I induce a false lightning strike?

I’m not getting your reply notifications either.

That’s different. Discourse has weird rules on when emails are sent.

I’m sure it detects that as false rain. A very very very light tap will cause rain. A tap so light you won’t feel it

Had another lightning event last night. Did not get an alert. The weather station has been installed for almost a week now. Have received no alerts, nor does it appear any of the CL is adjusting (sea level pressure consistently high compared to other WF stations nearby). Could this be a hub issue?

Alerts are from the WestherFlow servers so either there is an issue at the WeatherFlow servers or an issue with push notifications on your phone.

What is your phone and what OS does it use?

Thanks for responding.
Apple 5S running IOS 12.1. Push notifications for Smart Weather are ‘ON’, alerts with Lock Screen, Notification Center, and Banners (all checked). Sounds ‘ON’, Badges ‘ON’. Show Previews ‘Always’, Notification Grouping ‘Automatic’

I can only suggest that you send this information to and ask if there is a reason.

Good Advice. I’ll do that now. Thanks again

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Stupid question - did the web page and/or app show that any lightning or rain was detected to generate the alerts?

Stupid question 2 - Do you have an Apple Watch tethered to this phone? They seem to confuse the iOS alert system at times, thinking that it should send alerts to the Watch when the phone’s screen is off…


re: stupid question 1: Webpage and app display the same data. Don’t know if there is an indicator stating an alert was generated. There were multiple instances of rain accumulating to .05" yesterday. Also a lightning strike this morning ~12 miles. I would assume both would generate an alert. I also unplugged the hub for a bit to change the ‘status’ of the station. That should have triggered an alert as well.

re: stupid question 2: I do not have an apple watch.


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My only other suggestion is to reboot the phone if you haven’t tried that yet. On previous iOS versions, I have seen multiple instances where my phone’s entire notifications system stopped alerting out of the blue…

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Thanks for the report! You were not the only one. We found and fixed an issue that was preventing some alerts from going out. Please let us know if it does not restore your alerts.

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You did it! I just received an alert! Thanks for the quick response and fix.


FWIW, I’ve been getting false rain alerts on my iPhone several times tonight. DW has made several trips out to shovel the back deck from the 10.5" (26.7 cm) of, ahem, flurries (and climbing!) that weren’t supposed to stick. Just saying that the alert system is working for me…


Today, station 1878 received measurable rain and I did not receive the alert as I have in the past.