New Install of Tempest App on Android No Alerts

Update: It seems to be working now? Can’t figure out I just verified the notification settings on the phone one more time. Didn’t make any change and getting the popup notifications.

I have just moved to a new Android phone from an old one. On the new phone I installed the Tempest app and logged into my account and everything seemed fine. Was able to see my station, make sure alerts were set etc.

Rain started today and I receive no alerts at all on the new phone. I turned on my old phone and it immediately posted the the alerts from my station.

Is there something on Android 10 that prevents the alerts? My old phone was running Android 9. Or is there something that Weathflow only posts the events to the first device that resisted?

Any ideas?

Open the App, go to Settings-Alerts and check that Rain Start, Lightning, and Status are set to ON. Then go to Android Settings, Apps, and Tempest and check to see that Notifications are set to “Allowed” under App Settings.

My Android is set up this way and I am getting notifications. You might also reboot your phone and launch the app again.

Also, check that your new phone isn’t putting the Tempest app to sleep. The newer versions of Android have a finer control over app behavior. Another thing, I find that sometimes I have to turn ongoing notifications off and then back on to get them to work.

Thanks, I also turned off “battery optimization” management for the app to be safe. I noticed that my app that monitors the battery charging and battery life was being turned off on this new phone and had to go into the Special app access -> Battery optimization settings and disable for apps that are needed to run properly in the background. By default if you don’t use an app in the foreground for a few days Android prevents the app from starting it’s background threads until the app us used and kills off any running threads.

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