No rain notification from Android Apps

Sometime in the last two weeks I have stopped receiving notifications of Rain from the Android app. For example, over the weekend we had a huge storm move though, received the lightening alerts but never the rain alerts. I have reset the cache in the app and toggled the alert settings off and back on but nothing from rain.

Hi Ron,

I’m not an Android user but I saw serverside that on June 20th and 22th a push notification was send to your device. Did something change in the settings eventually (upgrade of the system that reset some permission ??)

Maybe other Android users can help pinpoint the issue ?

Nope no changes. I do know that you have to literally use the app every 30 days to keep notifications active, (Google rules). The notification I did receive were only lightning. I may have to do the emergency repair procedure for Android and remove the app and re-install and test with the sprinkler on the back yard.

I did the remove and added app, didn’t get into the yard and spray the Tempest yet. But we do have rain forecasted for tonight. Let’s see what happens.

This morning had a good front move though with rain and thunder. The lightening notification came in just fine but still no rain notification. I saw 0.19 inches per hour of rain coming down and no notification on the Android app. Something is gone wrong and this was working just fine 4 weeks ago.


It appears that I’m not getting all of the notifications I should from my stations, either. Today it rained enough for all five of my sensors to detect rain, but I only received one notification at 11:52 PT on 27 June 2024. This was on Station 12859, not sure if it was a Tempest or SKY notification. None of the other stations had rain notifications even though they report recording rain. @eric is there possibly something amiss on the back end?

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Hi David,

This is really the hardest part, rain and its complex false rain suppression. I see 2 of your stations did send a warning (and each time it is the Tempest that triggered).
There was a recent modification under the hood around that time and that might explain the missed warnings. I saw some internal messages regarding this but have to admit they speak a weird language between coders and weather geeks :slight_smile:
I hope it was just a glitch but keep an eye on it and if you see it happen again, ping back and we’ll get the science folks in the loop.


Yea I finally got a rain notification this morning. A few minutes delayed but it popped up just a minute ago. As you can see in the graph 7:10 rain was recorded, and the alert didn’t come until 7:35. Need the alert to be closer to when rain starts. Fingers crossed that things will improve.


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I just received one rain notification from the SKY on 12859. The graph shows it has been raining for over a half hour.

I’m assuming the false rain algorithm is being over zealous on the Tempest units.

I do remember when I received my Tempest and used the rain alert to manage some home automation routines “rain check” would suppress the false rain algorithms. I know one of the folks disabled rain check on my station. I hope it wasn’t re-enabled with the last firmware flash.