Rain push notifications

Good evening everyone,

I am not receiving rain push notifications on my app and this has been going on for a while. I did submit a ticket for it but I am here to see if there is anyone else that is having the same problen or if I am missing something simple. I am receiving lightning notifications and that has never been a problem. I also checked to see if my settings are correct and as far as toggling the rain push notification from on to off then back on, to see of that would fix it. That didn’t help. I also checked inside the app to see if the station is sensing rain fall which it is always reading correctly. My phone info is as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
Android version: 12
App version: 4.6.79

Thanks for listening!

Are there rain messages showing up in the Messages section for your station? Here is an example from one of my stations.

Yes they are there. It shows there intermittent with the lightning. It hasny shown up on my notifications until yesterday randomly.

I know I’ve had some rain event notifications not come through, mostly because I have two SKYs and five Tempests spread between four stations. Every once in a while I don’t get all seven rain notifications. I rarely get no notifications. I haven’t tracked anything on a station-by-station or sensor-by-sensor basis so I don’t know if there is a pattern.

I have a Galaxy S20+.

Samething this evening on my end. Im I missing a setting or perhaps it was changed?


I’m noticing I’m not getting push notifications again today on both Android and Apple apps. Anyone else out there seeing this lately? It has been working great up until recently.