Getting unwanted alerts

Starting today, both our phones are getting rain has started alerts. I have rain, but alerts are ‘off’ in both our phone apps and in the website settings. Did something change today ?

Same here. Just started getting rain alerts today even though it is set to off.

as a simple solution that ‘might’ work, toggle on off and save. Maybe something was reset due some upgrade somewhere in the line …

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I too started getting rain alerts today - twice. It was clear, sunny, and 95ºF

For sporadic singulär rain alerts commonly reasons are birds or vibrations as discussed in several topics…
Birds often give two alerts, on when they land on the Sky and another one when they “lift-off”.

think there highlighting the feature is disabled in app i also have alerts for rain disabled , here is one at 4:30am this morning perhaps a server glitch, change ? it was raining…

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Same here. I was getting lightning alerts all day yesterday during storms but I have the alert turned off everywhere. I tried toggling it on and off too several times but didn’t help. I emailed support about it yesterday evening.

No, this didn’t work on either iphone or android. That’s what we looked at first. We also had no app upgrades, it just started alerting yesterday on both platforms although it’s off in both phones and off in the web app. Something on the WF side isn’t honoring a setting I suspect.

I received a Lightning alert this morning even though I have it turned off.

Thanks, folks. We’re looking into this!

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Thanks for giving us feedback on the incorrect alert messages that you were seeing. We fixed an issue with our system. You should no longer see the alert messages if you have them turned off in your settings.


Did whatever back-end change caused this also include changing the lightning alert message content? We had our first T-storms in a while here yesterday, and the alerts were all indicating an A-B distance range and not just one distance like in the past.

I thought that I was going nuts at first, but then I looked at @Weather34’s screen shot above and saw that it was still in the old format…

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That’s a separate but related change related to a feature request discussion: Is binning the lightning distances really the best way to display that info?

We’ll be updating the lightning distance display in other parts of the app shortly