Long NOAA report about birds and ultrasonic anemometers

I just stumbled across this unexpected link while doing a web search, and thought that it was interesting that the federal government could fill 124 pages about birds perching on ultrasonic anemometers:



So the senor does not interfere with bird navigation, reproductive habits or longevity. At least that is my once over of the problem. It interferes with human measurement of wind characteristics… just use the Beaufort wind scale. Beaufort wind scale has been around for over 200 years and has proven to be accurate and reliable.

Joke? Beaufort is a guess, useless for science.

But according to an article I read 12 months or so ago, if you average a number of guesses you end up with a very accurate result. The more samples the more accurate.

This is true for random errors. If you average a large number of observations that are each “contaminated” with a truly random error, then the random error on each observation cancels out and you are left with a more accurate result.

It won’t work, however, if your observations are “contaminated” by a systematic error. In this case the systematic errors will not cancel out during averaging, and your result will still be contaminated by noise.

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Yeah. That won’t work at a casino. LOL

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Not really how it works. As Peter said, there needs to be randomness. But in this case what I mean by “guess” is that it is a 100% subjective measure, and so not useable in a scientific manner other than to tell us how badly we guess lol!