Looking for layman's definitions of brightness/lux and solar radiation

I am trying to get a handle on those terms. If I were not looking outside at the world, what would I expect a dull gray day to register in brightness/lux? How about good old Kodak’s definition of “cloudy bright?” Full on sunshine?

Same for what values might one equate with certain levels of solar radiation?

Thanks in advance and go easy on a non-light maven.

Take a look at this thread

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When we learn new measurement values we either compare them to something we already know or we learn them through experience. The best way is through experience. With experience you don’t have to convert anything. You will get way more understanding through experience than other methods. Give it a try, next time there is a dull gray day, see what the reading is. When it changes, look again.

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Daylight - Wikipedia has a table that was linked to in the thread mentioned above.

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