Brightness lux issues

Can anyone explain to me why the last too nights my brightness lux light will not go to zero after dark, it defaults to a number 7 and more or less stays there all night? It used to go to zero until this started to happen.

I noticed something similar and then realized it was light reflections off a local cloud layer. The next night with clear skies, the lux reading was back to zero.

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Yeah I don’t know, perhaps something like that could play a role, I think it is odd that it loves the number 7lux when this occurs.

When that happens look outside for any bright object including the moon.

I diffently do that believe me I’m searching for any clues to give excuse, not having any luck yet. I have another station accurite with brightness feature and it never does that it goes to zero right at dark and stays there until dawn. I know tempest is an altogether different animal.

And it is very sensitive to light. 7 lux could be a street light or a light in a neighbor’s yard.

Wow I wonder how it hit zero as many nights as it did then? Because everything is pretty much the same conditions night after night around here. Strange and sensitive.

I really don’t see how it can ever be zero unless you live in a really dark area. I’ll have to check mine. Maybe the zero is the aberration not the 7?
Edit: Mines 0 consistantly which suprises me but its a fairly dark area. Can you reinstall the firmware update? Works in other tech.

Mine bottoms out at 5 lux due to near by streetlight.

FWIW, suburban road with street lights (and a guy down the road with a LED American Flag across the front of his house), mine seems to go to zero every night (Tempest may be above direct light from the street lights, also will have to look for a full moon lit night):