[App] Dark Mode (Completed)

Add full on dark mode to the Tempest app on iOS and iPadOS; true black for the OLED screen.

The current white interface is brutal to look at in the dark even with brightness turned all the way down.

I second this request. I’ve switched all my apps to Dark Mode when available. Saves a bit on battery and is so much more comfortable at night to look at. Having said that, overall the app is excellent!


In case you haven’t, be sure to vote on this topic above too

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@weatherflow I 25th this vote :wink: I have 10" and 15" units throughout my home wall mounted and at night the blue and white is so very bright. Same for the iOS app. Dark Mode would be a great (and somewhat simple?) addition to the very clean, feature rich app.

Absolutely needed!
Some themes as well would be nice.
Maybe a nixie theme with nice orange plasma glow.


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Auto dark mode at sunset would be great, a dawn, dusk mode (orange) an hour before sunrise or sunset would to it off too.

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Hi Folks,
Is there any update or progress in “dark mode” for the mobile apps? Would be nice to have that option for the interface also.
I’m very much in favor of “dark mode” especially when waking up at night to view the app - the current white and blue color is way too bright even when screen brightness is turned down.


Please - dark mode - or at least colours your can identify in the app for background / text etc.

Is the app open to other developers? This is an easy win.

Dark mode would definitely help me as I experience a lot of glare with bright white backgrounds with much difficulty reading.

One of my precious votes :slight_smile: has somehow become available, so I voted for this suggestion! I am the proud owner of a newly-remodeled bathroom and found a great use for an old Android phone, but I, like others here, am finding the app to be too bright and am hopeful that there can be a dark mode (ideally which flips between dark and light mode at sunset and sunrise)… Thank you!


I believe there are now API’s, style guidelines, tutorials, and more available for Android at least, since Dark mode / night mode etc is now available system wide. A jumping off point for instance:

Along with the lack of widgets, this is the #1 thing I was surprised to find missing in the Tempest app. I’d vote twice for this if it let me!


Any plans in the works to add dark mode and widgets for tempest in IOS?

Mods please move to appropriate thread if needed.

Regards, Adrian


The community was very adamant about having a dark mode theme and we hope your eyes you are relieved to learn that a dark mode theme is in development for all Tempest apps, to be released in the next major update! :dark_sunglasses:

When we have further news to share, we will post an update in #announcements