Tempest display colours and fonts

Just set up my new Tempest in U.K.
wondering if there are any alternative colours /fonts/configurations for the display.
It’s personal, of course, buti find the present blue/whit/yellows a bit ‘toy town’ and wish-washy. Is there anything available that looks a bit more ‘scientific’ and professional?
As one gets older one’s eyesight changes and one perceives colours differently (that’s my impression). Blue on white doesn’t really stand out for me.

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I agree with you on that.
I feel app screens are very bland and would benefit from a decent colour scheme! I guess they have been concentrating on more technical stuff during development etc.

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Hi @quarrybank ,
Personally I never use the App unless I am setting up the station. I mostly use a browser window either on my computer of samsung mobile.
My Samsung mobile includes an option for ‘dark mode’ in its settings. If I select dark mode it does not change the view of the App. But it does change the view on my browser window to this:

cheers Ian :slight_smile:

I have an iPhone so unable to do that on app.
In my opinion, that does not improve things at all, just makes it even more dull.
Don’t get me wrong,I love the Tempest, so far, but would just love a little more colour.


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I 've said the same long time ago. I don’t see any progress on this.