New shades of purple interface feels monochromatic and "dead"


I’ve had a WeatherFlow from the very start - I love the hardware and have loved the web interface and app.

I’ve tried as much as I can to like the new color scheme, but I hate it.

  • It fails from a UX perspective
  • As shades of purple, it feels monochromatic and therefore “dead”
  • It just feels like shades of gray
  • It doesn’t feel like there’s enough contrast between the shades of purple
  • Even the green “online” traffic light in the bottom right of the web version is jarring on the purple background.

I know that you’ve probably spent a lot of time with designers and a digital agency working on this whole new color palette, but whoever advised you to go all shades of purple was wrong.

And I think you know it - I saw some responses from your team that said “There’s a dark and light switch” which to me says you’re now trying to solve a problem that didn’t exist before.

Please, please, please ADD SOME OTHER COLORS to the interface.




the previous version was shades of blue, just as monochromatic.
I like the dark theme and before there wasn’t a dark theme. Of course they could have added a dark theme in blue. For some reason purple is their new brand color instead of the color of the sky they used before. Their choice.

Of all Colors, Purple? PURPLE? The worst color in the world.


I also hate the new purple icon.
So many great colours out there and also many other "softer’ versions of purple


I too hate the purple, please give us the option of setting our own colors.


I suggest voting on this feature request (and commenting if you feel moved) to help them understand the error of their ways.

I hope they make these forums match the color scheme.

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